Tuesday, 10 November 2015

MPM2D - Day 41: Similar Triangles

We changed tacks today and returned to similar triangles. We had not proven that triangles were similar before solving for missing sides in cycle 1, so that was the focus today. We began with this handout. We looked at the first case (SSS~) in detail together and then discussed AA~ and SAS~. The highlighters came out again to help them identify corresponding sides.

Next, we put this into practice with a couple of examples which allowed students to get a refresher on how to solve for a missing side length.

Part way through those examples I lost half of my class to Inside Ride. The timing wasn't too bad as there an investigation up next. I "stole" this from myself - I made it for my grade 10 applied class. I think it is a nice combination of looking at relationships (linear & quadratic) and similar triangles. They got a lot of the first page done (perimeter) so will continue with area tomorrow.

Here is today's homework.

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