Monday, 2 November 2015

MPM2D - Day 37: Triangle Centres (day 2)

Today we actually found a triangle centre algebraically. I started by correcting what I had written on Friday - we needed to find the intersection of the perpendicular bisectors, not the medians. Oops! (my diagram was even correct...sigh)


They did pretty well and someone even said that it none of the parts was difficult. I think this example helped them understand why having a plan was important.

When I checked homework over the weekend I noticed that very few students knew what to do when a slope gave them a number over 0. So we looked at this example next, which was #12a) from Thursday's work.

There was quite a lot of "side work" done to explain what these line segments looked like and how these equations make sense.

We spent the last 10 minutes playing a round of Headbanz! It was great to listen to them asking each other questions and to see the excitement when they figured out their equation.

Here is today's homework.

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