Friday 29 June 2018

Desmos at Exeter 2018

I have had the pleasure of being part of the Exeter math conference again this year.  
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My slides for the CWiC session on "Getting the Most out of Desmos Activities"

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Below are links to some of what we did in my two awesome classes.

Intros with name tents - from Sara Van Der Werf; my modifications
Day 1 Activity Builder
Marbleslides Lines

Polygraph Lines
Parabola Slalom
Graphing Calculator scavenger hunt: original; beginner as AB
Geometry scavenger hunt
Marbleslides Challenges for the week

Domain & Range
Creating Desmos Activities - check out their videos here

Sean Sweeney's Marbleslides Activity & Google Doc Julie Reulbach's blog post on testing with Desmos
Jonathan Claydon's blog post on testing with Desmos

Dynamic labels:
- simple
- line between points
- distance between a point and a line
- parabola
My activity for day 1 of Calculus


Our Google Doc of cool activities, including a bunch for geometry.

Thanks, everyone, for a great week!