Friday 6 December 2019

November 27

Last Wednesday was a heartbreaking day for my family. Willow, our Bernese Mountain Dog, died. She was only four years old and losing her has been harder than any of our previous dogs. She had had emergency surgery on the Sunday and the vet said all went well. But she didn't get better.

We first met her and the other seven balls of fluff from her litter when they were only five weeks old. She came home at eight weeks and met Harmonie who taught her many of the things dogs need to know. She was full of mischief and such a lap dog, despite being 85 lbs. She loved big piles of leaves and snow and canoe rides (swimming is greatly overrated) and most of all her soccer ball (after she got rid of all of its stuffing). After we lost Harmonie a couple of years ago she grabbed all the attention from all of her people. She always hopped up on the couch to wait for me when I put the kettle on to make tea as she knew that it was almost cuddle time. She was a good dog.

Rest in peace, Willow.