Tuesday, 3 November 2015

MPM2D - Day 38: Properties of Quadrilaterals

We moved on to looking at properties of quadrilaterals today.

They worked on defining each type of quadrilateral then we consolidated before they started looking at the diagonals. If nothing else, this investigation clarified how to draw diagonals (vertex to opposite vertex, not midpoint to opposite midpoint). 

We consolidated with this table. The only issue was the kite, which we looked at in more detail.

I had a couple of groups use poster paper for the last two questions.

Then we tackled our first problem.

We started by making a plan - find the four lengths and find the four slopes then compare. Then we started in on the calculations.

Here is today's handout and here is today's homework.

Note: Tomorrow is "Discovery Day" at my school so there will be no blog post.

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