Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sinusoidal Transformations

I created a Desmos activity, using Activity Builder, for my grade 12 Advanced Functions class. I tweeted out the link, requesting feedback, and based on the results (thank you!), I thought I needed to set the stage for the activity a little more than I could in 140 characters.

My students have all done transformations of functions. They did them in grade 11, including trig functions, only they were all written in terms of degrees. They have also looked at transformations of polynomial functions this year already. To me, this activity is really making sure that they remember the vocabulary around trig transformations and it is giving them the opportunity to work in radians - that is the only new thing for them. So what may seem like a big leap should not be for my gang. I ran it with them on Monday and they did well. That said, I love some of the suggestions I have gotten and will add them to the activity ASAP. I will also put fewer graphs to match on each screen as it was very challenging for them to sort out the graphs out on a phone.

Here is the activity, if you are curious to take a look.

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