Monday, 26 October 2015

MPM2D - Day 32: Parabolic Art

Having worked on quadratic transformations for the past week, today my students started a little project I love called Parabolic Art. You can read more in my blog post here, but the idea is that each student has to create a piece of "art work" using only parabolas. We went over what they need to know in terms of Desmos - signing in, sharing, adding a domain restriction - before I showed them samples from previous years (some are included in the blog post previously referenced). Here is one of my favourites:

Then they got to work creating their sketches. They had to draw on graph paper and when they were happy (or time was up), they showed me their sketch and I made a note of their subject and added axes to their drawing. This is my answer to the multitude of parabolic art graphs that are already out there - even if they took someone else's design (which they would have a hard time doing as I make them create their sketch in class), they would have to move all the equations to fit the axes I forced on them.

I did not give them a homework set today as I want them to spend some time working on their parabolic art. It is due 1 week from today.

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