Wednesday 21 October 2015

MPM2D - Day 29: DAB Quadratic Transformations Part II

I had planned on doing consolidation of the roles of 'h' and 'k' in transformation today, followed by some work on test corrections (yes, I finally got all their tests from Friday/Monday marked last night). It was a good plan, however the Chromebooks that I have borrowed need to go elsewhere in the school tomorrow so I changed my plan and went ahead with part II of the quadratic transformations activity today. While they got going, I checked homework, which was generally pretty well done.

I don't know if I said it yesterday, but I really love running Desmos custom activities. My students are all engaged, collaborating and talking math. Another positive is that students who are absent can work through it from home.

I confess that I wasn't watching what they were doing quite as carefully today as I also returned the tests by individually talking to students about what they had done well and what they needed to work on a little more.

Here are my observations about today's activity:

  • Students did really well with the pattern of y = x² and did a great job predicting what y = -x² would look like. They also seemed to have a much better grasp on 'input' and 'output'.
  • Their predictions for y = 2x² were fairly good. Here is a sample - certainly not all correct, but there is some strong understanding of what is changing in the graph represented. 
  • The vocabulary they used for the previous prediction and for y = 0.5x² is interesting. They are clearly used to describing lines as more and less steep. Here is a sample of what they wrote:
  • They did a good job determine the coordinates of a point on the new curve.
  • I need to work on screen 13 as they did not know how to fill in the blank. I was expecting 'y-value' but most wrote 'point' or 'value'.
  • Of the only 12 students who got to screen 16, 7 chose blue, 2 chose red, and 3 chose purple (the correct answer). We will need to look at this one tomorrow. I think part of the issue is that the graphs are very close together and many of my students were working on their phones. This screen needs some work...
  • Only 11 students answered screen 17. It is very informative that only 1 of those students answered correctly (yikes!).
  • Only 5 student actually entered equations on screen 18 where they had to match the graphs. There were some technical issues that made it more difficult - hopefully Desmos will figure out a better way of hiding equations soon.

Tomorrow we will consolidate both days' work. How things go tomorrow will determine what I do on Friday...

Here is the link to the activity. Here is the homework for today. 

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