Friday, 2 October 2015

MPM2D - Day 18: Quiz #2

There was a little bit of anxiety in the room at the beginning of class today as it is quiz day. I hate that my students get stressed about a quiz, but I understand it. After returning homework set 14, which I had corrected last night, I gave them 15 minutes to talk to each other about any lingering issues around solving by substitution or elimination. I also answered questions one-on-one. Before starting the quiz I warned them that the last question was unlike any they had done, but that they should try their best. I also told them not to feel bad if they couldn't get it. I really want to see who can take what we've done and apply it to something new. Progress reports are due next week and that question will help me provide more informed comments about all my students.

I told them that they could have the rest of class for the quiz - I'm trying to take away the anxiety surrounding timed tests as much as possible. Upon completion of the quiz they will work on today's homework set found here. It is all about classifying triangles so plenty of practice finding the distance between two points and slopes of line segments.

If they all finish early, we will watch this TED-Ed talk about how Pixar uses math - it specifically mentions midpoints, which is what we did yesterday.

Image result for pixar

It was nice to hear a few students say that they prefer spiralling to learning with units. They also said that the amount of homework I am giving is reasonable. All good things to end the week.

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