Friday, 23 October 2015

MPM2D - Day 31: Quadratic Transformations

Before letting my class have some time to practice what they have been learning about this week, we went over the different forms of quadratic equations. Although they have seen all three, we had not really looked at them all together.

Next, we went over how to find the equation of a quadratic from its graph. Many were not making the connection between horizontal and vertical translations and the vertex of the parabola. I made that a little more explicit on the whiteboard before working through these examples, with randomly chosen students explaining their process to the class.

When asked how they felt about finding equations given a graph, thumbs were solidly to the side or up. I can attest that many would have been down at the beginning of class, given the homework they handed in.

After that, they worked on the handout I prepared for today, found here. And here is homework set 24.

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