Thursday 27 February 2014

MFM2P - Day 17

Day 17
Instead of counting triangles or squares, etc. today, we counted vertices for the same shapes as yesterday. The handout looked very similar - they had to come up with three representations for the number of triangles (square/pentagons/hexagons) and number of vertices. They clearly did learn something yesterday as they had no trouble starting and many got the equations without any help. They were even using algebra to solve some of the questions! 

Next, we took up the two quizzes they have written. Well, I tried to but my SMARTboard decided it needed a break so we will go over the last two questions tomorrow.

We finished with a little Estimation 180 action. We started with day 1 and each student got their own small whiteboard to write their estimate. 

The twist I threw at them was that I wanted their estimate of Andrew's height in feet AND in metres. I asked them what information they needed from me. One student said he needed Andrew's height. Nice try! They asked for the number of feet in a metre and then for the number of inches in a foot. This was very informal - I did not check their calculations. It was meant to get them thinking about converting between units which is an expectation of the course. They held their boards up and for some, just doing that, was an accomplishment. I made them all hold their boards up whether they had a guess with both units or not - they had to make a guess. No one got his height correct though. We'll do another tomorrow.

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