Monday 24 February 2014

MFM2P - Day 14

Day 14
School buses were cancelled on Friday due to freezing rain. As 100% of students at my school are bused in, there were no classes - it was a wonderful day to get ahead, with a little Olympic curling and hockey action on the side.

Today we started by cutting and gluing three trig examples into comp books. Again, I want to ensure that they have an example of each type of question we do in their books as they will be allowed to use them for some tasks and for the summative. The good news is that they have a solid grasp of which side is opposite, adjacent or hypotenuse given a marked angle. Many correctly remembered how to solve for an angle.  A few remembered how to solve for a side in the numerator. And we went over how to solve for a side that is in the denominator together. I know this is still causing issues, but we will move forward and come back to it when we have done some more algebra work.
They spent the rest of the class working on problems relating to similar triangles, trig and sum of squares. Some of these are word problems that we have not done previously so I circulated helping them with their diagrams and figuring out what type of problem they were dealing with. It is good to see them "getting it" with a little nudge from me.

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