Monday 11 February 2019

Grade 9 Academic - Day 5

We started today's class by finishing the examples from Friday.

Then I had them do today's warm up in random groups on the white boards.

I asked them to sit down when they finished, but they wouldn't! They were busy comparing answers and trying to figure out who was right and fixing mistakes and it was fantastic! They did eventually all sit down and we talked about the order of operations.

Then we returned to the warm up which they each completed individually before we took it up together. Some were feeling much more confident this time around.

In light of the 40 cm of snow heading our way Tuesday night into Wednesday, I skipped today's visual pattern :(

Instead, we launched into exponents. I try to emphasize that an exponent affects only what is immediately in front of it and try to help them make sense of negative numbers raised to an exponent.

Somewhere along the way I returned their quizzed to be corrected tonight. Their quizzes were actually quite encouraging.

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