Friday 22 February 2019

Grade 9 Academic - Day 12

I turned yesterday's quiz question into today's warm up. They worked in random groups on the whiteboards. I reminded them to introduce themselves as not everyone has worked with everyone else yet.  To avoid repetition for those who completed the question on the quiz, I had each group draw the simplified expression for each of their questions.

Here are a couple of samples of their work:

I have saved this one as the warm up for Monday - a little error analysis.

I love hearing their conversations while they work. "Two Nice Things" was overheard at some point, which means that they are listening to the words they choose and realize that they matter.

I returned their quizzes and circulated for the remainder of the period answering questions as they worked through a handout. Several students are also planning on coming in at lunch for a little extra help. I love that they are starting to get comfortable asking questions and want to improve their understanding.

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