Thursday 28 February 2019

Grade 9 Academic - Day 16

Tomorrow is test day so today we did review stations. But first, I took up a question from homework that many were doing incorrectly. 

A number of students had not put the 5x + 7 in brackets so we talked about how that was not optional. The other brackets you see above were added after when a student asked if you could do that.

Then I explained how review stations work. There were brightly coloured sheets around the room with questions from an old test on them. Students would be randomly paired up (using cards) and each pair would pick up an answer sheet. They would work on the big whiteboards, transfer their answer to the answer sheet, and bring that to me to see whether they were correct. If so, they got a sticker, if not they got to try again. If they were incorrect a second time, then I went over the question with them. 

They were so keen! There were a lot of errors but no complaining. They just got back to work and figured things out. Lots of perseverance. There were high fives and hugs. Crazy good.

Given that tomorrow is then end of unit 1, this is the end of my blog posts. I'll still post when I do things that I think are worth sharing, but I think it's clear that I don't do that every day! Thanks for reading :)

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