Wednesday 27 February 2019

Grade 9 Academic - Day 15

We started with this warm up:

This was a challenge for many, but at least as many got the correct answer on the first try. The biggest issue seemed to be that if they did not simplify the fractions before multiplying, the numbers got big fast. And then it was too overwhelming to continue. We spent some more time going over this concept. Hopefully it sticks.

I had noticed some issues with certain homework questions so we tackled those next.

They continued to work on the practice test while I circulated and gave one-on-one help. I had planned on taking it up with them, but time did not allow. I have posted the solutions and hope that they will check their work tonight. We did work on one question together as many students were struggling to start it.

I found it really interesting that using letters actually made the question more approachable for many students. There were simply too many numbers for them to parse through, but once they replaced the bases with x and y, they were able to complete the question.

I also handed out "I can" statements. These are statements written in fairly friendly language that let students self-assess what they know. I'm sorry that the picture below isn't very clear.

Tomorrow we will do review stations!

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