Thursday 7 February 2019

Grade 9 Academic - Day 3

Today started with a warm up and the small whiteboards.

Again, there were many different answers so we went over a few things. We talked about what the dot means and why it is used and a little about order of operations - that multiplication happens before addition or subtraction. Then we did a little recall on multiplying with integers.

We went back to the warm up and I gave them a minute or two to check their work before we took it up.

I took out my playing cards and they created groups for today's visual pattern. They worked on the whiteboards and are slowly getting better at showing the link between the pattern and the algebraic expression. Here is one sample and the sample solution I showed them.

Next we moved on to the activity that we didn't have time for yesterday. I had prepared a brown paper bag with algebra tiles for each pair of students.

We went over what each tile represented before they tried this out. It seemed to solidify the concept of zero pairs pretty well.

Next we did a more formal lesson on like terms. Well, we started. We didn't get through everything and I have to remember that rushing through material serves no one. If I try to think positively, I have part of my lesson for tomorrow ready to go!

We did example 1 as a class - it was a good consolidation of the activity they had just done.

We defined like terms and started on the next example which produced some really good discussion.

And that's all for today. I know we are doing a lot each day so I need to consider whether I need to make some adjustments to my plan to provide a little more breathing room.

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