Friday 29 May 2015

MFM2P - Day 75: Measurement

We started with a Daily Desmos-style warmup, where they had to determine the equation of the line through the following points:

This is the work they did:

Notice that we found the y-intercept in two ways. Some of my students are more comfortable with the numeric solution, while others prefer algebra. We talked about the circumstances when the algebraic solution would be better. We then put our equation in Desmos to see if we were right:

I handed back the work they had done yesterday figuring out how much wood they would get from the General Sherman tree. We looked at the volume using a cylinder and a cone after discussing the different ways they could have calculated volume (I did mention frustum, too):

The actual volume is shown here, and the cone looks like it gave a closer estimate:

We then built on that with this:

I tasked them with calculating how many board feet they had, based on their calculations from yesterday.

That seems like a big number, but none of us really had any perspective on how big it is. A little Googling found this:

That is a lot of houses!

They spent the rest of the period working (individually) on this task.

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