Monday 11 May 2015

MFM2P - Day 62: Cycle 3 Test

Today was our third test of the semester. Just as they began, the school went into lockdown (it was just a drill). Needless to say, once we were cleared to get back to work, some of my students had a bit of a hard time getting focused. Overall, they worked well. Some said they didn't know how to do certain questions, but with the right prompting from me they persevered and showed a lot more of what they knew. As ever, they will be able to continue tomorrow. Or next Monday for the kids on a field trip tomorrow and on outdoor ed for the remainder of the week (sigh).

This post looks terribly boring without any pictures (I know, I know, it doesn't just look boring!). So here is a plug for next year's OAME conference which will be in Barrie, ON:

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  1. Mary, what other grades do your students receive besides tests?

  2. The tests, end-of-year summative and exam get recorded toward their final grade, but my observations of their work during activities gets "counted" in a less formal way. I put together all the evidence I have to produce the grade at the end of the course.

  3. You should blog about that! I'd like to know how you collect evidence and measure growth.