Thursday 1 May 2014

MFM2P - Day 52

Day 52

Well, yesterday was a bust. Apparently my students can only do math if I am there with them. Sigh. So we did a do-over of yesterday's work and by the end of class they were doing a pretty good job multiplying binomials. Interestingly, my students did not want to use algebra tiles. They liked using the area model boxes. I think I will start alternating between estimations, multiplying binomials and doing quadratics "describe/draw" activities at the beginning of class for a while. I am not sure whether to factor quadratics tomorrow or to wait on that and do Barbie Bungee (now that my Barbies are all "dressed"). We will see what tomorrow morning brings.

And since this is short, here is a picture of a protractor:

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