Monday 12 May 2014

Day 59

Day 59

I returned from OAME to find lots of fantastic posters hung in my class, and a few less than fantastic ones. I haven't had time to really look at them yet or address those that need more work, but will soon and will post some pictures too.

Today's plan was to do the Penny Circle activity with Desmos. I had booked the COWs (Computers on Wheels) and a minute or so before the end of the first period of the day I checked the booking system to see which teacher had the COWs first period. And that's when I realized that I was an idiot and had booked them for the wrong period. A mad rush to figure out what to do with my class ensued, including me printing a lot things the wrong way and looking somewhat like I might have lost my mind.

I handed out another mutiplying binomials practice question which they seemed to be doing well now, although I was scrambling to get organized so I didn't do a good job of checking who was struggling today. Next, we moved back to trigonometry and they glued a number of sheets in their comp books. I showed Act I of "Boat on the River" and they came up with some good questions. We talked about the owner of the boat needing to know the angle at which the boat needed to lean in order to safely pass under the bridge as taking down the mast would involve a crane and a lot of money. Then I introduced them to "sine", "cosine" and "tangent" which was really just putting a name to the ratios they have been working with all semester. My version (which I'm sure I stole from someone else) of SOH-CAH-TOA looks like this:

I find that this ties into the ratios a little better.

Getting them to quiet down and get to work was rather like herding cats this morning but we got through the basics. More tomorrow, including Acts II and III.

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