Tuesday 29 April 2014

MFM2P - Days 50 & 51

Day 50

Today was the 2nd day for the test. I was surprised by how many students took the full period to continue working on it. I spent the entire time going from one student to the next answering questions or telling them that, no, they hadn't actually finished the test. I hope they are seeing how much more they accomplish by not giving up. Those who did finish early got to work on some (fun) Balance Benders like these:
(This is a level 3 one; they had easier ones too.)

Day 51

I am posting for tomorrow as I will be working with the awesome Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk) and Sheri Walker and therefore not at my school. I had planned on doing Barbie Bungee next, but I didn't want to leave that for my supply teacher so I thought they could work more easily on some algebra in my absence. 

This is followed by a few practice examples. 

Part V will hopefully help students start to make connections between standard and factored form. Hopefully...

I am not thrilled with this. However, my students will need these skills so this is what I came up with. I welcome suggestions for improvement. 

Meanwhile, I am making duct tape dresses for my Barbies which is creating a lot of talk about me in the math/English office!

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