Friday 23 May 2014

Day 67

Day 67

Day 2 of cycle 3 test was as expected. A lot of "I quit", following by me saying "No" and asking a few questions to get them going again. Most finished, or did all that they could, and a few will continue on Monday.

I have been thinking about the tree activity since meeting up with Alex & Sheri on Wednesday. One of the things we discussed was that we wanted more activities that covered multiple curriculum expectations. This activity has a definite focus on the measurement expectation, but I think we can tie a lot more to it:

* Growth of the tree over time = linear relationship
* Growth of different species of trees, one starting out taller than the other = system of equations
* Area of root bed (diameter is approximately equal to the height) vs. height? = quadratic relationship
* Finding height of the tree = similar triangles / trigonometry
* Number of board-feet of lumber vs. diameter = quadratic relationship

I plan on doing this activity earlier in the semester next time around, with all these added parts. Comments and suggestions welcome!

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