Tuesday 13 May 2014

Day 60

Day 60

I started today with another multiplying two binomials question. Some have become very proficient at these, others are still working through the process. I do believe that the repeated practice is helping.

We worked on trig for the rest of the period. Some students seem to like being able to use calculators instead of the trig tables, but they do have the option of using either. I have noticed a real improvement in stating which sides are opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse. Having worked the ratios before, they had no issues choosing the correct trig ratio which was awesome! It was a fairly quiet period where I circulated and helped out where needed and gave stickers along the way. They like stickers : )

For the last 5 minutes we did the Estimation 180 bacon challenges. A little bit of fun at the end of rather dry period. And now I just remembered that I forgot to do Acts II and III of the Boat on the River. Tomorrow, maybe?

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