Monday 31 March 2014

MFM2P - Day 32

Day 32

Estimation 180! They are totally into this now. I am aware that it is because they consider it fun, not work but they seem to be missing the fact that it is helping improve their number sense. We did day 9 - day 15 today, as some were very easy. Most of the class got day 10 perfect, a lot also got day 11 and day 12 perfect. Day 13 made us wonder who eats Cheese Balls (I have never seen them in Canada), but also allowed me to talk about using serving size to come up with Andrew's answer. Day 14 surprised me as I have taken a lot of strips of staples out over the years. Day 15 made no sense to me. If there are 24 strips of staples in a pack, each containing 210 staples, shouldn't there be 5040 staples in a box?

Then we continued with the spaghettini bridges handout. Some said they didn't know how to interpret their equations. When I asked them what the numbers meant they told me (correctly) so they seem to understand more than they realize. They did well answering the questions that followed, albeit slowly. Some needed help with the graphing calculators and many had trouble finding the number of spaghettini that would support a given number of pennies.  There was an additional handout that provided them with data to analyze and some got through that too.

Tomorrow we move on.

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