Friday 28 March 2014

MFM2P - Day 31 Spaghettini Bridges

Day 31

We started with more Estimation 180 - days 5- 8. We talked a little about really high guesses and really low guesses as the range of guesses was large for day 7. I think it is amazing how close they are getting to the correct answer though. Lots of correct answers for day 5, one correct for day 6, one off by 5 for day 7 and one correct for day 8. They seem to be enjoying this (because of the lollipops and that we "aren't doing math" - huh?).

Next we went through the questions on the back of the Spaghetti Bridges handout. Making sense of the equation and working with some algebra.

Then they made spaghettini bridges - working in groups of four but collecting data in pairs to speed up the process. There was much spaghettini on the floor so the broom I bought for my classroom came in handy again. As this was the second round of this activity, they worked well, got good data, were able to create their scatter plots and come up with equations for the line of best fit much more independently. A good way to end the week.

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