Wednesday 26 March 2014

MFM2P - Day 30

Day 30

Tomorrow, all the grade 10s will be taking the Literacy Test.  Today, we did a "dry run" to make sure they the students knew which room to go to and they got to listen to a script and ask questions about logistics. This was all happening at 10:20 so trying to keep my students focused on math from 9:30 until 10:20 was quite a challenge.

We started the class with some Estimation 180. We had done Day 1 a while back so we looked at Mr. Stadel's height again before continuing with Day 2 where we have to estimate Mrs. Stadel's height given that she is standing next to Andrew. This time all of my students came up with a guess, and they were all reasonable guesses. One even got it right and earned a lollipop! We worked through converting the height from feet and inches to centimeters. Then we did Day 3 which is estimating Mr. Stadel's son's height. The guesses were okay, although some were really small, but one was perfect (another lollipop). I asked if they wanted to do another one and they did (I think the lollipops may have been a factor) so we looked at Day 4 Mr. Stadel and the Lampost:

If my students didn't already think I was nuts (about math) then they do now. I told them how great this picture was and that we would be using it as practice for similar triangles. They didn't seem to share my enthusiasm... hmmmm...  Anyway, we did our estimation and two students got within 1 inch of the correct answer so they both got lollipops. I will be continuing with Estimation 180. (Someone yell at me if I don't blog that I've done more!)

They worked on the spaghetti bridge handout from yesterday and all got equations (linear regression) but most had a hard time interpreting those equations. We took it up and this is what it looked like:

Some may have started the questions on the back of the sheet, but not many. It was like someone kept yelling "Squirrel!" today!

At 10:20 I headed out to Portable 2 with some of my students (and some from other classes) only to find that they were putting down a new floor in portable 2 and we could not go in. So we stood outside in the cold (it was very cold this morning) while I took attendance and then we went back into the school building as a group. I explained the procedure for tomorrow to them (in the hallway) and read them the script. So tomorrow they will be reading and writing and I will be supervising so there will be no blog post. I would definitely rather be teaching!

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