Tuesday 1 April 2014

MFM2P - Day 33

Day 33

We started with more Estimation 180. They are doing very well with them and seem to be enjoying starting the class this way. We did days 16 - 20 today. I also find it helps avoid issues with students who arrive late. They join in, not having missed any instructions or the beginning of an activity.

Next, High Fives!

Here is the premise:

I had one student come up as the first player. (He did not high-five himself.) A second student came up and high-fived the first. 1 high-five. A third player came up and high-fived both other players so there had been a total of 2 + 1 = 3 high fives. A fourth player high-fived the other three for a total of 3 + 3 = 6 players. And so on.

As a class, we filled in a table of values then students made a scatter plot by hand. Next, they entered the data in the graphing calculator and plotted it, then performed a quadratic regression. Most figured out that they needed a quadratic, not linear, regression as the data curved. The equation they got allowed them to answer this question:

Other than the issue of the regression equation containing 1E-13 in it (argh!), they did really well and there were stickers all around!

The next problem looked like this:

Remarkably no one commented that this was the same question that was on the last test. Not sure what to make of that! Again, they created a scatter plot, entered the data in the graphing calculator, performed a quadratic regression and used the equation to answer the question.

The next one was similar:

And the process for answering the question was the same.

The last one was this:

Other than a student asking why anyone would cut their pizza that way, they came up with the data quite easily and are excellent as using the graphing calculator as a tool to help them see the data and extrapolate.

A few students got through all four problems, where others were still on the second question at the end of the period. They will continue working on these questions tomorrow and those that finished (finish) will play Frogs!

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