Tuesday 25 March 2014

MFM2P - Days 26, 27, 28

I got a little behind with my blogging...

Day 26

Test day! They did a great job. It was fantastic to see some of them using the manipulatives (pattern blocks & pennies) during the test. They worked really well - I think knowing that they could have more time the following day took away a lot of anxiety.  I had told them that the number one rule was that they were not allowed to leave any question blank and they followed it well.  Some needed prompting to get going with a question or two.  I wrote in pink pen what prompts I provided and took that into account when I marked the tests.

I got to meet some of my students' parents that afternoon/evening which is always interesting. Nice kids, nice parents, what can I say?

Day 27

Test day, part 2 for them and PD for me. I spent the day with @AlexOverwijk and Sherri Walker planning for the next couple of months of this course. It was a great day for me as we got a lot accomplished.

My students finished up their tests (or started if they were absent the previous day) and then worked on solving systems by graphing equations in y = mx + b form.

Day 28

This was a crazy day as I had some finishing up their test, some who needed to work on a question from the test as I deemed that they had not done enough, and the rest continuing to work on solving systems by graphing. It was a zoo. I had thought I would do an Estimation 180 question with them but didn't. At times I feel like I am letting myself (and my students down) when I don't follow through with these plans. Sigh...

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