Wednesday 29 April 2015

MFM2P - Day 53: Cup Stacking Systems

I was away in Kingston (Ontario) yesterday to participate in a "Think Tank" - we were sharing our experiences around spiraling with activities and seeing what teachers in other school boards in eastern Ontario have been doing.

My fantastic substitute teacher did her best with my 2P crew, but they were not very cooperative. They did an estimation 180 as a warm-up and then started on some more cup stacking questions, found here. You can tell that I stole much of this from Dan Meyer - here is his blog post about it.

Next they had to figure this out:

And they were going to test out their answers, but I think that's when things fell apart. Sometimes working with concrete materials becomes a distraction. However, I will have a conversation with the class this morning and we will get things back on track - cups and all!

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