Thursday 2 April 2015

MFM2P - Day 37 (High 5s and Frogs)

We did two warm-ups today as we are off tomorrow and I didn't adjust the warm-up book accordingly. Extra fun! We started with this Would You Rather...

After I heard how many students don't like carrots, they did get to work. Some used their phones to help with the unit conversions. Here are some of the results:

I liked the different ways students went about showing which was a better deal mathematically.

Then we did the Daily Desmos which was perfect after the linear work we did yesterday. They were given the graph of the line through the two points shown below.

They found the slope (from the graph and from the points) and identified the y-intercept and put them together to form the equation:

We tested it out using Desmos and the line did go through the points. Yay!

We moved on to High 5s - here is the handout with several quadratic examples, including High 5s and Frogs. I explained the premise of players giving each other high 5s as they are introduced before a game. I asked for volunteers and the first one came up. How many high 5s so far? None. Next player...1 high 5. Next player...2 more high 5s for a total of 3. Player #4...add 3 more high 5s for a total of 6. Player #5...add 4 more high 5s for a total of 10. I didn't have any more volunteers and they seemed to have understood the concept so they continued to complete the table on their own. They also added a column for the pattern (1st differences) and for the pattern in the pattern (2nd differences).

I loved listening to them talking about how to create their scatter plots. They had to decide on an appropriate scale and make sure they chose independent and dependent variables correctly. They used graphing calculators to get the equation and used it to figure out the number of high 5s for the whole school.

Next up, frogs! They didn't have a lot of time left but they started playing the game and trying to figure out the pattern. Here is my blog post from last year which explains it a little more.

That was a good way to end the week. They were engaged and having fun.

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