Monday 20 April 2015

MFM2P - Day 47: Manipulating Quadratic Equations

I decided to make today's counting circle a little more interesting by adding an expression instead of just a number. We started at 5x + 20 and added 2x - 3. This was a really good way of reviewing how to add like terms, which was very timely given that it is a skill needed when multiplying binomials.

After the counting circle I handed out the matching sheets from Friday and they continued to work on them. Almost all finished (they should all have finished but a couple were having trouble staying on-task) and I posted them on the back blackboard of the classroom. 

The next handout, found here,  connected the skills they had just practiced within a (fake) context. I had several students ask me what the vertex was and what the axis of symmetry was. I referred them to their exercise books to look up the information they needed, which they did. They seemed to be working through the handout fairly well, but I think we will consolidate it together at the beginning of tomorrow's class.

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