Thursday 16 April 2015

MFM2P - Day 45 (Multiplying Binomials)

Today's warm-up was this Would You Rather:

They looked up the number of feet in a mile (likely a known fact to many American children, but not to Canadians) and then talked about how many days they have been alive. There were good conversations involving leap years and whether it was worth counting the number of days since their 16th birthday.

They all agreed that they wanted to have a dollar for every day they have been alive. It would be interesting to do this is a grade 9 class - just the right age to have both answers chosen within the class.

One of the few curriculum expectations that we have yet to tackle involved manipulating quadratic expressions. Not the most exciting topic and hard to make into an activity so we just work through this handout together (here is some extra practice for those who work a little faster). We start by multiplying numbers using the box method (none of these students learned to multiply in this way) and then move on to multiplying binomials. They get the hang of it and then we move on to making the connection between a quadratic equation in factored form and the zeros of the graph. They had just told me that they noticed that the numbers were the same with opposite signs when the bell rang today. We will consolidate that tomorrow. 

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