Friday 13 June 2014

Day 82

Day 82

With the summative over, today was the first day of "exam review". I did give them questions to work on, but also spoke to each student individually about their progress. They each got a printout showing their current level for each curriculum expectation. Those who still have not demonstrated sufficient understanding of one or more expectation (level 1 or lower) will have the opportunity to write a quiz next week. I plan on making these up - 9 of them - over the weekend as I feel it's important to give each student another chance to demonstrate their learning before the exam (exams can be overwhelming and may not show students' best work). It was good to hear students thanking me for giving them this opportunity and even asking if they could do the same for expectations where they are at a level 2. I said yes, of course!

I spent my prep today marking their summatives. They showed a lot of good stuff and I love how they really tried to do their best. At some point I will attempt to write how I think this board-wide summative could be improved. The writing teams meet over the summer so I know I need to do that soon!

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