Thursday 12 June 2014

Day 81

Day 81

Today was part 2 of the summative. Although I found this part more straightforward, my students weren't that happy about any of it. The group work today was more about doing some of the work as a group, then about coming up with strategies or brainstorming ideas. This was frustrating for some students who knew what they were doing and felt that some of their group members were simply copying their work. A number of students had issues with the need to estimate dimensions despite having done Estimation 180 all semester. I found this strange. I think that a lot of them have had summatives or other evaluations in many courses this week and are just at the end of their rope. Sadly, I think that many didn't put their best effort forward. There were a couple of students who stuck around into lunch to finish up and I am really proud of their efforts.

I have put part 1 and part 2 of the summatives for each student together, along with the rubric and alphabetized all of them. I guess I cannot procrastinate marking them any longer!

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