Tuesday 3 June 2014

Day 74

Day 74

We picked up where we left off yesterday - sorting questions by curriculum expectation. They had 3 stations left to work on today. Once those were complete they started the process of choosing the best 3 questions for each station along with determining what information they would need from me in order to answer each of them. This took significantly longer than I expected. Some groups realized that they didn't have enough good questions (or any!) and had to come up with more. They were receptive to guidance in this process - they realized that they were stuck and needed help. I am certain that this process will pay off next week when they write the actual summative.  As we didn't finish this round, they will do more tomorrow. And I will add information to the pictures so that they can answer all 18 of their questions.

And here is a pic from my board. Bet you didn't know I go by "B-Dawg"! (neither did I!) I less than three this class.

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