Saturday 23 January 2016

MPM2D - Days 80 - 86

I have not blogged in over a week. My sister-in-law passed away a week ago yesterday. It's been a hard week...

What happened at school this week was a bit of a blur combined with me being away. Last Friday my class worked on review. I was at the hospital that day. On Monday, they wrote their cycle 4 trig test, and cycle 4 analytic geometry test on Tuesday. I cancelled the quadratics part as I knew I would not be at school on Thursday or Friday to return their tests and didn't see the point if they could not get feedback. So, on Wednesday we worked on quadratics together and I circulated with a list of students whose work I needed to check for evidence of understanding. I liked this way of assessing and will have to consider how to incorporate it more in the future.

While I was away on Thursday and Friday they worked through a practice exam. I have no idea how that went.

Monday is our last day before exams. I imagine many students will choose to stay home and study, but I will provide help to those who are there. Their exam is on Tuesday morning.

Although I need to think over what changes I would make next time through, I really liked spiralling this course. I haven't heard any negative feedback from students or parents. I have heard positive things and think it really benefits kids who struggle with the pace at which the material is presented with traditional units. I may blog more about this at a later date - I will certainly reflect on the semester, but am not sure whether it will be a public reflection. At any rate, I'm not up for that now.

I would like to publicly say that my class has been fantastic. I feel very privileged to have spent the past 5 months learning with them - I could not have asked for a better group to work with.

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