Tuesday 12 January 2016

MPM2D - Day 77: More Summative Prep

Not too much to report today.  I started today's class by looking at some of the work they did last night. They shared their work in their groups and then we looked at a couple of student's work with the document camera. We commented on strategies students used to come up with values/equations in questions and that the work done to create a good question may demonstrate a whole lot of the math I hope to see. I told them that I would really like them to do their summative in pen so that I can see everything they do. I tried to show them how the process expectations fit in with their work and how these could be improved, especially how they can reflect upon their work. We looked at sample solutions before they worked on part (b) of yesterday's scenario. We also talked about how they can make this type of open-ended evaluation work for them. They can choose numbers that will either increase or decrease the level of difficulty of their question. They can practice certain skills (finding a triangle's circumcentre, finding the shortest distance between a point and a line, converting between forms of a quadratic, etc.) and see if they can make those work with the scenarios they are presented with on Thursday. I think that they left feeling a little less anxious and like they may have a little more control over what they will be doing on Thursday.

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