Thursday 7 January 2016

Combined Functions Desmos Activity

Last night I decided that it would be useful for my students to have more practice with the graphs of combined functions. We have come to the end of the unit on this topic so they *should* be able to pull their skills and knowledge together and figure out what functions have been combined and how to create some interesting graphs.

Here is the link to my Desmos Activity Builder file. There are four graphs of combined functions and their job is to figure what two functions were combined and how.

My students did well with the first, second and fourth, but needed help with the third. I have since added a hint that it is a composition of two functions. I think that will help.

I asked them to pair up to do this activity and I really liked the conversations that came out of it. Here is some of the reasoning they provided for the first graph (top left):

And a few for the second (top right):

I hope others might find it useful. You now have the ability to edit within DAB so feel free to make it work better for your students. Also, if you want answers, email me :)

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have heard about but now I have a way to implement it in a class discovery area. Thanks!