Friday 11 December 2015

MPM2D - Day 65: Cycle 3 Review

I collected some great quadratic summaries today and asked four students if I could scan their work and post it on Edmodo. I like students to be able to see each other's work.

They spent the period working on review questions. The cycle 3 test will be over two days. The first day will cover mixture-type linear system questions, shortest distance between a point and a line and some of the skills of quadratics (factoring, completing the square...). The second day will be all about quadratics where they have to choose the right tool to answer the question and interpret answers as necessary.

What's left in the course? Sine and cosine law, comparing y = 2^x and y = x^2 and equations of circles centered at the origin. I think we will look at y = 2^x (and negative exponents) next Thursday and do Penny Circle on Friday and save the rest for January.

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