Thursday 10 December 2015

MPM2D - Day 64: More Quadratic Problem Solving

We started today with a couple of leftover examples from yesterday.

We talked about the fact that the second answer is not double the first as the diver is speeding up.

They had done problems similar to the next one for homework, but I wanted to make sure that they were all solid on how to approach this type of question.

Then we moved on to making frames, inspired by (stolen from) Fawn Nguyen. Here is her post about it.

Each pair got one picture (I use black & white pictures as they look better photocopied) and four frames (on thicker paper) to work with as I told them their first attempt would likely be unsuccessful, but that they should learn from it.

Eventually they wanted help. They didn't quite beg for it but they did ask for the math that would help them. That was good. I gave them this and let them have a little more time to work it out.

Then we went over the solution together.

Here is one group's finished product!

After that they worked on one more problem.

Time was tight so we looked at the solution in a Desmos kind of way. I explained how to set up the equation - that the variable was the number of decreases in price. They usually find these questions tough.

And their homework for today:

I left it very open-ended as I want them to make something that is meaningful for them.

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