Tuesday 22 December 2015

Log 5 X 5

If you have yet to read Sara VanDerWerf's post about her 5 X 5 game go here and read it now. It sounds awesome, doesn't it? I didn't read it until I was already on break, but I look forward to playing it with my students at some point down the road.

At a very early hour this morning, I thought that this game could be modified to help students practice working with logarithms. Instead of having the numbers 1-10 in their grid, they could have logs. They would still place numbers of equal value next to each other, but some would look like log28, others like log327 and others like 3. They would also still need to find the sum of squares that match. I would have them write the sum of each set of matching expressions as a single logarithm so that they would need to use their log rules.

Clearly, I need to actually work through this, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot. I think you could also do this with trig expressions (sin π/6, cos 5π/3, etc.), but have thought that through even less than the log idea.

If you have feedback, please let me know. Ideas to build on or telling me why this is a bad idea are both welcome :)

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  1. I just read the post, and I am also just teaching logs upon return...sounds like a great idea!