Friday 27 March 2015

MFM2P - Day 33 (Finish Spaghetti Briges)

We did two warm ups today since we didn't have class yesterday. This is the Would You Rather we did:

I wrote some conversions on the board for them as they seemed to need a push to get started. Some of my students spent the entire day yesterday writing the literacy test and were wiped out today...

Here is what they came up with:

They still have some work to do to write solutions in such a way that others can understand what they are doing, but I was pleased that so many groups were able to justify their choice mathematically. The big takeaway here was that in order to compare, the two quantities have to be in the same units. If I had more time I may have asked them to convert the $1.23/l to cost in US $ per gallon. 

We did the second warm up quickly by a show of hands. Here was what we looked at:

No hands went up for "always", about half for "sometimes" and none for "never". It was one of those days. We talked about why and that you only need one counter-example to disprove something.

Then it was on to finishing the spaghettini bridges handout. I gave them a few minutes to ensure that they all had an equation to represent their data. They had trouble explaining the numbers in their equation so we discussed it together. I wrote down a few of the equation they found and we went over the meaning of the slope and of the y-intercept and we talked about the need to round values to a whole number.

They continued with the questions on the handout and those who finished started with this handout intended to reinforce what they know about slope and y-intercept. Thanks to my colleague, Michelle, for creating this one.

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