Wednesday 18 March 2015

Announcing the Which One Doesn't Belong? Website!

Four days ago I wrote this blog post about using Which One Doesn't Belong? as an activity for my calculus classes. I have had a lot of positive feedback about it and along the way Pam Wilson tweeted this:

and that also got a good response. So I decided to take this on. It's a good thing that I'm on March break as this has taken a few (!) more hours than I normally have "free" during the week.

<insert drum roll>
Announcing the Which One Doesn't Belong? website at

I really hope that many of you will contribute to the site (some of my children already have!) as that is the only way it will grow. I plan on having my students create their own and will add them - please do the same with your students. 

You can also follow @WODB?Math on Twitter.

2015-03-20 - Update

In order to help you use and create WODB?, here are some links.

To help you create:
WODB? Template (SMART Notebook)
Graph software that I use (produces very clean graphs)

To help you use (especially if your students have trouble with right & left):
WODB? ABCD Template (SMART Notebook)
WODB? ABCD Template - white background (.jpg)
WODB? ABCD Template - blue background (.jpg)

Please let me know if there is anything else that would be helpful. Also - I am happy to format submissions if you just send in content.


  1. Yayyy after reading your post I wanted to use this as a bell ringer next year so you read my mind about providing more examples!

  2. I use this type of idea in my math classes as part of the warm-up. the kids love it.

  3. Hello! This post was recommended for MTBoS 2015: a collection of people's favorite blog posts of the year. We would like to publish an edited volume of the posts and use the money raised toward a scholarship for TMC. Please let us know by responding via email to whether or not you grant us permission to include your post. Thank you, Tina and Lani.

  4. Thank you for this! We are going to start using them immediately. I think students would be thrilled to add to the website.

  5. Love it! I made a Google Drawings template, as well, for those who don't have access to Smart NB.