Wednesday 25 March 2015

MFM2P - Day 31 (Spaghetti Bridges, day 2)

Today's warm up was this visual pattern:

I explicitly asked them to colour in how they saw the pattern growing. So many of my students just count the blocks and don't even look at the pattern itself that I felt that I needed to make sure the connection is being made. Here is where we went with it:

I love how this is like a little spiral within the cycle as we talk about rate of change/slope and y-intercept every week, even if our focus at the time is not linear relationships. There is also the possibility of doing a little algebra when you can write the pattern in different ways, as shown above in green.

My class spend the remainder of our class time continuing the spaghettini bridges work from yesterday. They got their scatter plots done by hand and put the data in their graphing calculators which they used to generate the equation of a line of best fit. Some got as far as the question asking them to interpret their equation at which point they got stuck. I will pick up from there on Friday. Yes, Friday. I lost 25 minutes of today's class for OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) prep and will lose my whole class tomorrow when they actually write the OSSLT.

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