Wednesday 11 February 2015

MFM2P - Day 8 2015 (quadratics, continued)

Today's warm up was this visual pattern:

and this is what we did with it:

I love visual patterns.

We then went over the quadratics example from yesterday to ensure that they all understood as it became apparent that some had written down answers without understanding what they were doing (I was away).

This took a while, but they now seem to be doing well with the vocabulary of quadratics, which is an important first step. We carried on with the quadratic scenarios, but didn't get that far. Many had trouble starting so, as I circulated, I read the parts of the scenario to them and had them graph the corresponding points. Then, they added the axis of symmetry and found the point symmetrical to the y-intercept which allowed them to sketch a decent curve. They did pretty well at translating the points from the graph to the table then working on the graphing calculators to get the equation of the curve (okay, some need a lot more practice with the graphing calculators). That is about how much most students got done today. This was our consolidation:

A few started on the 2nd scenario, but may not have completed the first one. We will carry on with quadratics tomorrow.

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