Tuesday 17 February 2015

MFM2P - Day 10 (More Linear & Quadratic)

Today's warm up was Estimation 180. I was pleasantly surprised that one student wanted to do a counting circle, arguing that today was really Monday because yesterday was a holiday. We estimated Mr. Stadel's son's height:

Good reasoning here - they said he was about half of his dad's height so there were lots of 3'2" guesses.

They spent the rest of the period working with more linear and quadratic data - hereThey are understanding symmetry in quadratics well - better than previous classes at this point in the semester. They are getting the hang of using graphing calculators, but tend to stop when they run into any kind of trouble. I am working on developing perseverance and having them think to use the tools they have to help them. Tomorrow they will have a quiz. They will be able to use their exercise books, as I do not want them trying to memorize anything, and the graphing calculators. Then we will move on to similar triangles and trigonometry.

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