Thursday 17 September 2015

MPM2D - Day 8: Making Connections (Quadratics)

We started today's class with this matching activity that I got from colleagues at Sir Wilfred Laurier Secondary School. My students worked in pairs (mostly) and did a really good job. They were seeing the connections between the zeros and y-intercept of the graph and the numbers in the equation written in factored form and between the equation in factored form and in standard form.

When the first group finished and they wanted me to check their work, I said they could check it themselves! Yes, it was time to formally introduce them to Desmos. I showed them how to enter an equation and how simple it was to get coordinates of interesting points:

While we were there, we talked about the connections between the intercepts and the equations. I suggested that anyone who was struggling with part of the matching could jump on Desmos for some quick help and that they could use it to check their homework tonight.

I wanted to do a little consolidation today and here is what it looked like:

We didn't actually get to part (b), but I filled it in so I could post it in case a student wanted to look it over tonight. Here is homework set 7.

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