Thursday 24 September 2015

MPM2D - Day 13: Solving Systems by Substitution (continued)

After finishing the last example from yesterday and going over how to do a formal check, we looked at a couple of special cases as we continued to practice solving systems by substitution.

I gave them the rest of the class to work on the homework set, which you can find here. I am trying to create lagging homework sets, so in addition to solving by substitution, this set has finding the equation of a line given two points, sketching a quadratic in factored form and multiplying binomials.

Side Note: Tomorrow is Carp Fair Friday which means that I will likely have no students and will therefore not have a blog post either.


  1. Have you ever looked at the resources on They are all free. Their unit on Simultaneous Linear Equations is really quite lovely. They introduce substitution using shapes which gives it a very nice Balance Bender/Solveme Mobile feel. We used it last year with much success.

  2. I have not looked at that, but will! Thanks for the recommendation.