Thursday 1 February 2018

Feedback Forms

This is now my 4th semester using feedback forms at the start of each course to help me get to know my students. The idea came from Sara Van Der Werf and you should head over to her blog and read all about it - here is the link.

I thought I would share the tweaks I have made this time around as I really like them. They weren't my idea either - my colleague started doing feedback forms in September and it was her idea to add each student's picture, room for them to write how to say their name correctly along with sibling information (thanks, Kara Lee!). I've also shortened it a little so that they write to me 4 times and I reply 3 times. (The first time I did feedback forms I replied each day but then the students kept the sheets - I wanted to keep them to refer to them later.)

This is what mine look like(with an actual picture of each student).

I have already discovered that a student that I taught all of last semester is actually the little brother of a student I had 8 years ago - how did I not know that?!? Anyway - I love these forms and think they are a great way to get to know students. Adjust as you see fit! I have a couple of versions here and here.

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  1. Like the tweaks you’ve made. Responding back 5 times was overwhelming this year. I think I may do something like this next year.